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Wow. What a kitchen catastrophe. I hope the brownies turn out okay. :D

yeah, it was an official catrostrophic MELTDOWN. the cookies were a wash.. last nights brownies didnt survive to the "event" .. and sweetie.. the reason you normally arent allowed in the kitchen is because you cant tell that the 5 bags of flour you've been pitching fits over are actually 5 lb bags of flour.. not one pound. Make ya a deal, you write, i bake. if you continue to invade my kitchen , i shall invade the blog! and we really dont want that do we??? :D

LOL! wow!! sounds like my wife!!

Paddy I am sorry to hear your one of the many without a job, recently my Mom a long standing and experienced Registered Nurse was laid off.

I hope you find something soon Best wishes from my family to yours.

No worries man. I get lots of time with the tyke, help out more around the house, break dishes, and write like the wind. Now finding a job, well.. that may be tough. We may run out of plates first!

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