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One thing I found that helps me with POV is reading passages out loud and listening to how it sounds. Podcasting has confirmed that 100% because as I'm recording an episode, I find myself stumbling over things that don't make sense. POV shifts, word repetition... the list goes on and on. Even if you're not ready to podcast it, maybe reading it out loud to your wife or even just yourself will help you hear those things too. Just my thoughts and two cents on it. Otherwise, I'm excited you found a solution.

I caught the problem on a read through, early on, I just was ignoring it until later. Now, it is later. But its fine really. Reading out loud helps. I have a word repetition problem as well and that is what I was catching a lot of, too much really. See? Really, I did not mean to say that word again, it is like 'so'. So back to playing with words and phrases and ferreting out the oops.

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