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I find podcasting very fascinating. I just wish I had the knack for it, but I don't. I'm self-conscious about my accent, and I talk too fast, so it would be a disaster. I can enjoy other people's podcasting talents, though.

Podcasting is like bedtime stories for adults. I can sit on my comfy chair and have someone read a scary story to me. Pure genius I tell you. I hope you come check out my debut podcast of my zombie book when I launch it.

I side with Sheldon and detest Wil Wheaton.

There are so many fantastic podiobooks out there that you are just going to love. I could make you a list, but it'd be three blogs long. You should definitely check out James Durham's FETIDUS though. IT IS AMAZING! Like an old radio show, so well produced and crafted, and the story is brilliant too. And Seth Harwood and Mur Lafferty and Starla Hutchton and...and...and...

There are some truly great podcast novels. I stumbled on podcasting in early 2008 when I had just about exhausted my pool of likely agents for my first novel, New World Orders. I came across a the agent site for J.C. Hutchins' agent and I was intrigued by the description of his podcasting success. I went to his site and saw the first two lines of the novel and said "f-%k yes, I gotta listen to that"

I also decided before I finished his first episode that I would podcast my novel, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I love recording, but to this day I really prefer reading in ebook or paper format to listening, but some of these podcast novels are so good - the writing and/or the production - that I have listened to a couple dozen of them. I love Hutchins' 7th Son, but plenty of others as well (and whomever I name, I'll feel bad leaving out people, so I won't name them!).

I had to learn how to podcast for work... and then, wow. Explosion.

May we all find the day where we find others mentioning our podcast'd work in the same breath with those already lauded!

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