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It's always sad to lose someone that impacted your life in someway, especially if that person left such a mark on your childhood. There are a few people like that for me, as well.

What a great story. I know people who still listen to games on the radio, rather than watching them on television because of the impact it had on their youth. Sad to see an icon from your past pass on into the great beyond. The fact that he inspired you so much is beautiful and touching. Maybe you will write a story inspired by his memory?

He had a great voice; a Detroit legend. RIP.

There are some voices who just -make- a game and bring the experience of sport alive. He was definitely one of them, a true legend.

Wonderful story. Too bad I never heard him up in Canada. I don't think we have an announcer that will be remembered in quite the same way. We just have people like Don Cherry.

I knew people who did that with Johnny Most and the Boston Celtics too. Great post.

It's been a LONG time since I've been to a game and listened to the play-by-play for it at the same time -- heck, it's been a long time since I've been to a game period -- but I can vaguely remember doing it with my parents when I was a wee lad. Much fun. :)

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