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Patrick, if you loved Hercules and Xena, you really need to check out Legend of the Seeker, which has the same producers. The only problem is, there's still no official word that the show has been picked up for a third season, so if you like the first two, you're pretty much up poo creek without a paddle unless it gets saved. Hence my anger at the whole thing. It's a fantastic show, and if they end it now, there's going to be too many unanswered questions, which ticks me off.

I loved me some Hercules and Xena. Sunday afternoons with a pack of smokes, my university buddies and a fresh pot of coffee were some of the best times.

I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but Xena and Gabrielle were kind of cute.

Oh I noticed Xena and Gabrielle.. Sunday afternoons were a blast.

I am in love with Netflix 'Watch Instantly'. I'm thinking of proposing marriage, but I'm sure it gets that all the time.

Maaannnn, I thought I was the only nerd who misses the Hercules/Xena fix. Gotta love that Joxer. Legend of the seeker is ok, I just haven't really gotten into it yet. I am enjoying the new Merlin show. I need to track me down some DS9 episodes. Been watching a lot of the Next Generation reruns.

I never got in to Hercules and Xena, but I was a big fan of the original BSG and XF. Streaming vid through Netflix is a major change on the playing field for me. Since I don't get to watch telly that much any longer (either because I'm writing/producing or my kids are watching something) this makes it easy to power down the gray cells and enjoy some downtime with something I want to watch instead of just anything that is on.

I have never seen any of those shows. Sigh.

I miss Xena. I used to watch it all the time on marathons and had a couple seasons on DVD. I also miss the X-Files. :( *cries*

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