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You will get it done. I know you will. Sometimes it's hard to just sit down and do it, despite all the little details that get in the way, but you will prevail. Of that I am sure.

It's great that you're still chugging along. I've been puttering around with several myself for a couple of years.

You know you will be done when you're satisfied with it? That's impressive; I have to stop myself from endless edits and revisions. I am never satisfied. But I have to be done at some point.

Oh being satisfied is tongue in cheek on a daily basis for me. Eventually I get tired of tinkering and say, your satisfied, your done now. I have got a wee bit better at that, hence my increase in submissions the past two yrs. So it is self fulfilling, I am done now, I am satisfied.

Plenty of authors aren't even satisfied with a book that becomes a bestseller. Don't let lack of satisfaction stand in the way!

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