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I like reading you talk about the things that inspire you, Nicole.

Thanks for posting this, Patrick. I had a great time writing about my fascination with Stephen King.

We'll definitely have to do this again.

We should do it again, it was fun! Thanks for letting me hang out. Next time I'll pick up the socks!

You're welcome, Patrick. Anytime!

I had the pleasure of seeing King interviewed by David Cronenberg when he went on tour to support Under The Dome. He was exactly how I expected his to be. Great man, thanks for sharing this other side of his life.

It's one thing to do creative things that earn praise, but it's even more amazing to do those creative things and then be able to give back to the community. The man is a genius.

Great post, and great guestblog idea!

It's not the first time that I've benefited in some way from their generosity. I admit, when money was tight, I received WIC benefits for the kids, and we received many books because of money that Stephen and Tabitha's foundation gave to the program to buy books.

I truly feel that all celebrities should give back. I think it sends an important message to younger generations that they need to see. So many of the kids these days are self-centered, and they need all the positive messages they can get.

I vow right now, if I ever see my children's stories published, I will make sure that my daughter's school district benefits from it in someway.

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