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Last night made me chuckle, as always. It's really not hard to distract any of us from the purpose of the chat. It only takes one comment, and we're done for. It actually amazes me that we can stay on topic for as long as we do.

As for how well TCA has worked for me, I went from 15 million something, down to a little over a million before switching to my new site. Since then, I've had to start over, but I'm currently at 1,203,786, so that's pretty good since my site just launched on the 11th.

My site visits per day range from mid-20s up to 150. (The highest day was when you guest blogged, so I think we're onto something there.)

Sorry I missed the chat last night. Always fun talking with the TCA crew. I haven't looked at the numbers for our site yet, but I know there's been an increase in traffic. So, go TCA!

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