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Interesting peak at something more to come. Is this part of your novel, or a different project?

novel, near the beginning ~ nothing like starting out with a wake

I really like the writing, but I had trouble getting into the scene. It actually wasn't completely clear to me that this was a wake - I see from the last paragraph that it suggests that.

Guess I'd have to read more about the conflict, the stakes, etc. But tight writing, and that can go a long way.

There is a before and of course, much after.. I forget that I know the story and this was just a chunk I cut out to post. Silly Paddy forgets that kind of stuff!

Like you said, the end is the beginning. I like where you seem to be going with this and I hope to be able to read just what happened to Carmac, as well as many of the others that were laid to rest without the formality of the "rituals."

I like your style. :) Sounds like an interesting story.

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