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I totally think you should post excerpts here. I'd love to read them, Pat. I loved the one you posted yesterday.

Pat, I think it's a great idea. I really enjoyed yesterday's post and I picked up on it right away. I think the possibilities for where you can take that beginning are endless.

Well then, I will have to do that. Oh to meet the bad guy, I love him and hate him, if that makes sense. I hope that the characters are full of life, the good, and the bad.. I will post more.

Yes, I agree with David and Nicole. Do it.

definitely keep posting things. Just remember one thing - it's great to be in love with your story, but there are two things you have to watch out for:

1.Don't get in love with the line by line or paragraph by paragraph details. Because that's what will probably get changed a lot in editing. The "story" is what this is all about.

2.Don't be surprised if the "story" changes as you work through it. regularly ask yourself what the key pieces that make the story good are and make sure you build on those as you go forward.

@Ed ~ yep its the details that get changed, edited, revised. It is the story I am talking about, the characters, that I have fallen in love with and it is a bit weird. The story has changed a bit, not the main ideas or what I have built upon, but the small stuff, and how those ideas are presented. Some of it has gone to places I never imagined, but they are part of the story, it feels 'right'.

You'll get there. god is in the details.

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